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How it Works

We partner with a wide range of alumni ambassadors, creators, influencers, and publishers to help spread the word about Designlab’s courses and programs. By joining our affiliate program you’ll get regular updates about upcoming courses, access to special discounts to share with your audience, and a unique tracking link you can share across social media, on your blog or Youtube channel, or any other place you choose.

Getting Started

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Our affiliate program is managed through Impact. Go there to sign up, create your account, and apply to join our program.
Promote Designlab
Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll have access to a number of banner ads and promotions – as well as your unique link. Share your link and you’ll earn rewards up to $725 for any enrollments you drive.
Get Paid
You can view any clicks or enrollments you drive, directly from within the Impact platform. Payments are made in monthly batches ~1 month after the enrollments take place.
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What is the reward structure? 
You will receive $100 for each UX Academy Foundations enrollment you drive, and another $725 for any UX Academy enrollments. This means for a single student who goes through UX Academy Foundations and then goes on to UX Academy, you can earn up to $825! All other course enrollments (including advanced courses) earn a  commission of 10% of the retail price of the course. Rewards will be made payable 4 weeks after the student places their course deposit unless the reservation is canceled before then.

How do I get paid? 
At the end of each month, your rewards are calculated and available for cash-out via the Impact platform.

Where should I promote Designlab?
This really varies from partner to partner, but in general, you can promote Designlab anywhere you have an audience that might be interested in our programs. Successful past partners have promoted Designlab on social media, on their Youtube channel, on their blog, or even directly among friends.

How long is my window on each referral?
Your referral window is 90 days from when they click your link. The window is extended another 120 days after the first course enrollment that your referred student makes. For instance, if a student enrolls in UX Academy Foundations within 90 days of clicking your link, then 90 days later enrolls in UX Academy, you will receive credit for both enrollments.

How do I learn about your different course offerings?
All our courses can be found here. Additionally, members of the Designlab affiliate program will regularly receive email updates about upcoming programs, courses, and offers. 

Who can I contact for more information?